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Adam L. Cordova

Phone: 321-267-3682
Fax: 407-442-0654
Adam Cordova is the owner and founder of Cordova Law Firm. Adam is committed to helping people who have suffered damage in hurricanes, hail storms, and other weather disasters, and who find themselves in conflict with an insurance company who is tryi… Read More
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Aruna Nankissore

Phone: 321-267-3682
Fax: 407-442-0654
Aruna Nankissore assists her clients using knowledge gained from her years of previous experience as an auto injury adjuster and insurance defense attorney. Read More
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David Castillo

Phone: 321-267-3682
Fax: 407-442-0654
David Castillo handles Florida hurricane claims, homeowners property insurance claims, and personal injury claims. David uses his unique prior experience having been in the insurance industry for years, as well as having represented clients on both s… Read More
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Julissa Rodriguez Perez

Phone: 321-267-3682
Fax: 407-442-0654
Julissa Rodriguez Perez works with Cordova Law Firm’s clients from the beginning of their cases through resolution. She opens insurance claims, follows up with insurance companies and adjustors, coordinates property inspections, drafts legal do… Read More
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Mariana A. Rodriguez

Phone: 321-267-3682
Fax: 407-442-0654
Mariana Rodriguez assists Cordova Law Firm’s clients throughout the claims process. Mariana prides herself in working hard every day to support and guide clients through the different steps and natural obstacles of the process, from opening and… Read More
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Paola Colon-Rivas

Phone: 321-267-3682
Fax: 407-442-0654
Paola Colon-Rivas supports Cordova Law Firm’s attorneys with all aspects of litigation, including preparing and drafting documents such as complaints, discovery, motions, and memorandum of laws. She also aids in legal research for our clients&#… Read More
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Karla Ramos

Fax: 407-442-0654
Karla Ramos is often the first member of the Cordova Law Firm team that our clients meet. She answers calls and emails and is usually the one who reaches out to new clients. She is also critical behind the scenes, calling in claims, scheduling inspec… Read More
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“Super accessible, practical and efficient law firm, I totally recommend them for any insurance claim.”
– Daniel Gamboa

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