Home Damaged During Hurricane Irma: $145,000 Recovered

Ms. S suffered extensive interior and exterior damage to her home during hurricane Irma. After months of fighting with her insurance company, they found her damages within her deductible. After calling the Cordova Law Firm, Ms. S was able to recover $145,000 as a total claim pay out!

Home Damaged by Leaking Pipe: $125,000 Recovered

Mr. C had a pipe leak in his home causing extensive interior damage. After inspecting the home, the insurance company determined that they could offer only $5,000 to cover the damages. After reaching out to us for help we were able to obtain Mr. C a total payout of $125,000.

Woman Injured in Auto Accident: $160,000 Recovered

Mrs. A suffered injuries in an auto accident. Prior to coming to the Cordova Law Firm, Mrs. A did not receive any offers for settlement. After the Cordova Law Firm took Mrs. A case over, they were able to recover $160,000!

Home Damaged in Windstorm: $115,000 Recovered

During a FL windstorm, our client received extensive damages to his home. The insurance company found the damages under the deductible. After retaining our law firm, we were able to recover our client a $115,000 total payout.

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“If you choose an attorney choose one that is going to give you results and treat you like a human and not just a number!!!”
– Paula Guzman

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