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Property Damage / Insuran…

Was your home or business damaged?

Just call our attorneys for Florida property damage insurance claims.

Home and business owners obtain property insurance to protect their investments. If the property suffers damage — such as from a hurricane or other weather, fire, AC or pipe leaks, or a fallen tree — insurance lets owners know that someone is there to help them. That is how it is supposed to work, anyway.

If you are reading this, you already may have found out the hard way that insurance companies don't always help when they are supposed to. That's where Cordova Law Firm PLLC comes in. If your claim has been denied or undervalued — or if evaluation or payment of your claim has been delayed — contact our experienced attorneys for Florida property damage insurance claims. We work to make sure you are treated fairly by your property or homeowners insurance company. The initial consultation on your claim is always free.

How We Help When an Insurance Claim is Denied, Undervalued, or Delayed

Below is just some of what our experienced attorneys do for our clients. These are the very things your insurer hopes you won't do, because you don't have the time, money or legal expertise to make sure your claim is evaluated properly.

  • Advise you on your rights under your property insurance policy
  • Communicate with your insurer on your behalf
  • Carry out all steps of appealing or challenging a denied or undervalued claim
  • Negotiate a fair settlement with your insurer
  • Stop your insurer from delaying or dragging its feet on answering your claim
  • Arrange for independent damage estimates / appraisals, including hiring a Florida licensed public adjuster
  • File a complaint with the Florida Department of Financial Services
  • File a lawsuit for breach of your insurance contract or other claims

Read on to learn more about property insurance, your rights, and how hiring an attorney benefits you financially by rightfully increasing the value of your claim. Not sure if you need an attorney? Contact us for a free evaluation of your claim.

Wrongful Denial of Property Insurance Claims

Insurers describe the claim denial process as a necessary means of fighting insurance fraud and protecting its own interests. Also, insurers state this about claims that are valid claims that they wrongfully deny, delay or underpay.

We can help make sure insurance companies abide by their obligations under Florida and federal law. This may involve demanding that an insurer reconsider a denial of coverage, or a complaint to the Florida Department of Financial Services. If those do not work, it could involve filing a lawsuit for breach of contract or other claims.

Contact a Florida Property Insurance Claims Attorney for a Free Consultation

If you have suffered damage to your home or business, and your insurance company has wrongfully denied your claim, the Florida property insurance claims attorneys at Cordova Law Firm are here to fight for your rights. Call us at (321) 267-3682(CORDOVA) or contact us online today to schedule a confidential consultation to discuss how we can help you.

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“If you choose an attorney choose one that is going to give you results and treat you like a human and not just a number!!!”
– Paula Guzman

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