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Property Damage / Insurance Claims

Was your home or business damaged? Just call our attorneys for Florida property damage insurance claims. Home and business owners obtain property insurance to protect their investments. If the property suffers damage — such as from a hurricane or o… Read More

Commercial Property Claims

Business owners have to protect their business assets against many different kinds of risk, from employment issues to inventory maintenance. In Central Florida, weather damage is a significant risk for businesses that operate “brick and mortar” l… Read More

Insurance Claims for Wind, Hail & Weather Damage

Property insurance coverage is supposed to provide homeowners and business owners with peace of mind. If a disaster occurs, they should be able to rest assured that their insurance company is there to help them through a difficult time. Instead of le… Read More

Insurance Claims for Damage from Pipes Leaking / Bursting

Leaking and burst pipes can cause severe damage in a very short period of time. Once water starts to collect, it can cause unsightly wall and ceiling stains. It can also lead to mold, which threatens people’s health as well as their property values… Read More

Florida Storm Damage Claims

Heavy weather — including thunderstorms, wind, hail, and hurricanes — is a fact of life in Florida. Owning a home or business here means preparing for the worst while hoping the storm will pass you by this time. Property insurance relieves home a… Read More

Personal Injury

Were you or a loved one injured? Just call our Orlando attorneys for Florida accident claims. Under Florida law, people who have been injured in accidents caused by someone else’s carelessness — the legal term is “negligence” — are entitled… Read More

Auto Accidents

Automobile accidents can cause severe, debilitating injuries, or worse, but Florida law treats auto accident injury claims differently than most other personal injury claims. Usually, a person who has suffered injuries because of someone else’s neg… Read More

Slip and Fall Injuries

People who are injured because of hazardous conditions on someone else’s property may be able to recover damages for their injuries. Florida property owners have legal duties to people that they invite or allow into their homes or businesses. This… Read More


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